About Us


Teao is a Gourmet Tea & Beverage company, an initiative of Kettler Food and beverage Pvt Ltd. that works on unique tea products and beverages on the farm to cup model. We are dealing currently in the segment of Floral Teas which are highly underrated but are very vital, not only as Tea but beyond.

We have launched 5 New Flavours Teao Classic Purple, Teao Spice Medley, Teao Classic Blue, Teao Classic Red & Teao Classic Green, which contain Butterfly Pea Flower, a scarce super food ingredient that has the world excited about it. Now, we're bringing this wave to India. 

The same ingredient can be used as Hot Tea, Iced Tea, Mojitos, and Mixes for Mocktails as well. We have created multiple recipes ourselves, with valuable inputs by a very strong team of Tea Experts & Beverage Consultants. We serve our clientele in both floral forms, dip tea bags and Powder forms.



  • To introduce the globe to products that are underrated and undervalued with style that cuts across all types of people.
  • To showcase the bright side of health with a tinge of style


    To offer blends and brews that makes the people feel Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.


    The Multiple health benefits of using our products are:

    • Memory Boost
    • Hair treatment
    • Diabetes Regulation
    • Antioxidants higher than multiple teas
    • Anti-Stress Properties
    • Anti-Aging Properties

    With a dedicated core team, we bring to you the age-old treasured secret of healthy lifestyle with balanced nutrition diet. Curated with love, Teao is a depiction of our passion for innovative FMCG products. Made from the handpicked ingredients, nurtured at our in-house farms, we present you an exotic experience of pure goodness.